Photonics West 2024 Photonics West 2024


Join us at Photonics West 2024 for innovation and inspiration - and a special look into the future!

We're thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming Photonics West 2024 event and can't wait to welcome you there! As a leading innovator in photonics and imaging technologies, Hamamatsu will showcase our latest advancements and engage with fellow enthusiasts, industry pioneers, and visionaries. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of photonics. From detectors and sensors to imaging devices, our exhibitions will demonstrate the power of light-based technologies that are shaping the future. Discover how Hamamatsu is contributing to diverse fields, from healthcare to research and beyond.


This year we will have two exhibits at the show:


(1) Booth #1127, which will highlight photonic technologies and products available now.

(2) Vision Suite – a special exhibit that will unlock future opportunities of using photonics to help make a better world.


Join us at Photonics West 2024 to witness firsthand the incredible strides we're making in the world of photonics. Our commitment to driving progress and shaping the future through light knows no bounds, and we are excited to share this journey with you.


Let's illuminate the path to innovation together!