See you next year at Photonics West 2024 See you next year at Photonics West 2024

See you at Photonics West 2025

January 25-30, 2025

Photonics West 2024 is a wrap

We would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth #1127 at Photonics West. We enjoyed meeting with you and sharing our latest photonic innovations.

Photonics for gas technology

In this demonstration, Gary Spingarn a product manager at Hamamatsu for infrared devices, introduces a gas detection demo for carbon dioxide.  The module consists of a 4.3 micron LED, which is a particularly strong absorption line for carbon dioxide, and two InAsSb photodiodes with band-pass filters. One diode is used for measuring carbon dioxide concentration at 4.3 microns, while the other serves as a reference channel at 3.9 microns.


The principle behind this setup is based on absorption and Beer's Law, where carbon dioxide in the environment absorbs some of the emitted light, resulting in a lower signal in the measurement channel. The ratio of these signals directly corresponds to the concentration of carbon dioxide in parts per million (PPM). Gary demonstrates this by introducing his own breath into the space, causing an increase in measured PPM. Conversely, purging the space with atmospheric air returns the carbon dioxide concentration to normal atmospheric levels.


The gas detection module provides real-time measurements, with components that have a long lifetime and low power consumption, making it suitable for environmental and medical applications.

We hope you will join us at Photonics West 2025. Until then, we would like to share some 2024 pictures from our show with you.

All is well with the Mid-Infrared Light sources and detector team of: Columbine Robinson, Petral Abong, and Krishna Mahadas.

Capturing a moment at the MPPC podium with Dino Butron and Shwu Fei Tan. Together, we're lighting the way to the future of photon counting!

Nicole Jordan with our Vision Suite bag, as always this giveaway was a hit!