Photonics West 2023 - Ask the Expert Photonics West 2023 - Ask the Expert

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Photonics West 2023
Booth #1127

January 28 - February 2, 2023

The excitement has been building...

We are thrilled to be back in person at Photonics West 2023 to present our newest photonic technologies for emerging technologies and other featured applications that will benefit society and safeguard our planet.

To start the weekend, from January 28 - January 29, we will be at the BiOS Expo, booth #8401. We will be exhibiting our photonic solutions for biomedical research and healthcare. Join us to see a selection of our MPPCs (SiPMs)/MPPC arrays S14160/S14161 for PET scanners, S14420/S14422 for visible light, and mini-spectrometers.


From January 31 - February 2, we will be at Photonics West booth #1127, with solutions for emerging technologies and more. Two of the emerging technologies that we are focused on that will change the world are self-driving cars and big data.  

Emerging technologies



Hamamatsu offers a variety of devices for time-of-flight (TOF) LiDAR, including pulsed laser diodes as light sources and Si APDs, InGaAs APDs, and MPPCs (SiPMs) as photosensors.

Quantum technology

Quantum technologies

Hamamatsu provides photonic devices such as detectors, cameras and modulators that help advance breakthroughs in emerging quantum technologies.

Featured applications and demos

In addition to these emerging technologies, we have also been developing photonic solutions that are life-changing and will bring benefits to the world we live in. We will be showing demos for the following featured applications at booth #1127.

industrial equipment


Industrial applications are using more and more photonics techniques for processing or inspection. Come see our hyperspectral and SWIR imaging demonstrations at Photonics West.



There are endless possibilities for the use of photonic technologies to safeguard our environment. Talk to our experts about our water analysis and CO2 measurement demonstrations at Photonics West.

Life sciences

Medical / Life Science

Our Immunochromatic Readers and FTIR engine are our newest technologies for lateral flow testing and drug manufacturing. Stop by booth #1127 to see these demonstrations.