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Featured products

Below are some of the state-of-the-art products we will be featuring at booth #1127.  Please visit us to see these products and talk to our experts. Alternatively, you can schedule a meeting via email.


The ORCA-Quest is the ultimate realization of Hamamatsu’s work on low noise quantitative imaging cameras. This custom designed qCMOS chip and our super-quiet electronics allow for single-photon number resolution. It’s an engineering marvel; stop by our booth and tell us your needs. Let’s begin a conversation about the imaging challenges in your science and how Hamamatsu can help. 

Visit the "Quantum Technologies" exhibit to see this product.


The OPAL-Luxe, developed by Photonics100 honoree Kenichi Otsuka, is a highly sensitive and accurate spectrometer that reveals the hidden spectral details of both low and high intensities simultaneously. This feat is achieved through a unique combination of sensors and optics, enabling efficient and rapid spectral measurements.

Visit our "Spectrometers" exhibit to see this product.


The C16531 series is our latest development of green and red wavelength enhanced SPAD modules featuring 65% PDE at 630 nm and low dark counts (20 cps as a standard offering). These SPAD modules are suitable for particle counting, near-infrared spectroscopy, and other low-light level applications. 

Visit our "Solid State Photon Counting" exhibit to see this product.

We have developed a new InAsSb photovoltaic detector with preamp offering high sensitivity to mid-infrared light, up to 11 μm in wavelength. It is an ideal choice for portable gas analyzers, laser monitors, and IR spectrometers. 

Visit our "MIR Light Sources and Detectors" exhibit to see this product.

The H15547-40 is the newest edition to Hamamatsu's GaAsP MCP-PMT assembly lineup, offering an fast rise time of 200ps and low transit time spread of 130ps. The rise time allows for data to be transmitted at a high data rate, and the low transmit time enables accurate timing measurements. This, in combination with a large active area and high gain, make the H15547-40 ideal for underwater optical communication

Visit our "Photomultiplier Tubes" exhibit to see this product.

Our newly developed diffuse reflection light source, L16462-01, combined with our FTIR spectrometer engine can be easily installed on production lines for food, pharmaceutical and plastic products to automate the quality control process and improve production efficiency and quality control reliability.  



See this product  along with our FT-NIR engine demonstrating non-destructive measurement of pharmaceutical samples.

A new generation of InAsSb detectors will be available, now sporting back-illumination technology. Back illumination design is much more robust against ambient temperature changes, which allows for achieving high performance measurements without the use of cooling. These detectors can come ready with integrated band pass filters suited for NDIR detection of methane and CO2.

Visit our "MIR Light Sources and Detectors" exhibit to see this product.

Our new InGaAs image sensor applies a unique circuit design technology to an area InGaAs photodiode array that is sensitive to near-infrared light. This sensor has approximately twice the readout speed and dynamic range compared to the previous sensor G1467x-0808W series.



Visit our "Image Sensors and Cameras" exhibit to see this product.

4-stack pulsed laser diode L16863-01


A new high power type PLD is now under development with a 4-stack emitting layer. It is expected to have 1.3 times higher power than conventional 3-stack products, without increasing compliance voltage. Together with its high power and unique sharp near field pattern, this PLD enables longer range distance measurement with fine spatial resolution.

Visit the front counter - LiDAR to see this product.



The Chromatiq Spectral Engine™ (CSE) is a sophisticated light source capable of matching real-world lighting conditions, emulating illuminant standards, and creating custom spectra. The CSE offers unparalleled spectrum match accuracy as well as repeatability and speed when switching between spectra to optimize optical testing and calibration procedures in the production environment.

Visit our "Laser-Driven Light Sources" exhibit to see this product.


The T-SMILS is Hamamatsu’s laser heating system for full-scale production and R&D. Its integrated temperature monitor enables real time process monitoring for welding, sintering, and general heating applications, and its electronics interface allows for easy integration with robotics and external controllers. 

Visit our "UV-NIR Light Sources" exhibit to see this product.