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Customized solutions

Customized modules using Hamamatsu's full range of photonics processes including sensors, ASICs and circuits

Off-the-shelf sensors do not always have the correct specifications, or they can be difficult and costly to integrate. Hamamatsu creates custom detector modules to provide you with sensors optimized for your application with all the optics, circuitry and software you require on one chip.

By partnering with Hamamatsu you can:

  • Increase product quality with sensors integrated with ASICs that are faster, smaller and lower power than PCB-based detectors.
  • Shorten your ASIC development time by taking advantage of Hamamatsu’s sensor, analog and digital expertise.
  • Secure a long-term partner and supplier of high quality chips.


Also, we can do custom optics assemblies/modules and customized source solutions.

Ask the expert series – Optical components to integrated solutions

Hamamtsu’s experts discuss the benefits that integrated optical solutions bring to your applications and how our team has streamlined the optical component design process.

Hamamatsu custom detector modules reduce the risk of product development

Hamamatsu can design all elements of a detector module including optics, sensors, form factor, ASICs for signal conditioning (noise reduction and/or data extraction), and software. We can also integrate microcontrollers or FPGAs to develop intelligent sensors. Once a design is agreed upon, we will manufacture your modules at our factories in Japan. Hamamatsu’s custom detector modules are ideal for mid-sized volumes.

module production steps

Throughout the process there will be frequent communication and iterations on designs to ensure a high quality finished device that works for you. You will have the opportunity to test prototypes, and Hamamatsu also can run tests for you.

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Hamamatsu modules take full advantage of the performance of our unique opto-semiconductor devices.

Hamamatsu modules take full advantage of the performance of our unique opto-semiconductor devices, and are used in various imaging, analysis, and measurement applications. We have the experience and capabilities of designing these modules and taking them to full-scale production. 

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